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National Palace Hotel - facilities and key facts

Facilities in National Palace Hotel - Sliven

Wi-Fi internet in the hotel: yes, free
Wi-Fi internet in the rooms: yes, free
Reception: 24 hours
Parking: yes, free
Room service: yes, on payment
Conference/banquet hall: yes

Room cleaning:

Food and dining:

Restaurant(s): yes
Lobby bar: yes

Restaurant "To The Manifacturer"

"To the Manifacturer" restaurant is part of the National Complex, it is situated in the house of Dobri Jeliazkov - the Manifacturer, who was the founder of the first textile factory in the Ottoman Empire - year 1834. The restaurant is a national monument of the culture.

The restaurant has

- Main hall with 70 seats
- game hall with 22 seats
- business hall with 20 seats
- summer garden with 250 seats


Spa center: yes


Child services:

Pets allowed: yes, on request

conference hall

250 seats

business room

40 places

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