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National Palace Hotel - Sliven

Built in renaissance style, it offers comfort for business and pleasure and perfectly combines magnificient interior and contemporary level of comfort.

Location of National Palace Hotel, Sliven

In the centre of town , in the quiet architectural estate "Dobri Jeliazkov - Fabrikadjiata" is situated the "National Palace Hotel".

Distance to center: 180m
Distance to airport: 120km to Airport Bourgas
Distance to bus station: 2.1km
Distance to railway station: 3.3km

Address: 31 Velikokniajevska Str, Sliven 8800

Rooms and Accommodation in National Palace Hotel

It consist of : double rooms, studios and apartments.

Food and dining, restaurants and bars in National Palace Hotel

Restaurant "To The Manifacturer"

"To the Manifacturer" restaurant is part of the National Complex, it is situated in the house of Dobri Jeliazkov - the Manifacturer, who was the founder of the first textile factory in the Ottoman Empire - year 1834. The restaurant is a national monument of the culture.

The restaurant has

- Main hall with 70 seats
- game hall with 22 seats
- business hall with 20 seats
- summer garden with 250 seats

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